When is Schoolies Week?

Schoolies Week Dates 2024

The dates of Schoolies each year are based on the graduation date of the destination state. It doesn't matter what state you went to school in - it's based on where you go for Schoolies.

WARNING: If you go to Schoolies outside these dates the entertainment, activities, parties, support services and the vast majority of other Schoolies will not be there.

Ignore any information from booking agents - these are the real dates for Schoolies Week celebrations throughout the nation:

Schoolies Queensland Destinations

  • 2020 - 21st November to 28th November.

Note: These are the actual dates for Schoolies Festival. Outside of these dates, there is NO entertainment / activities / support services for Schoolies.

Schoolies New South Wales Destinations

  • 2020 - tba

Schoolies South Australia Destinations

  • 2020 - tba

Leaver's Week Western Australia Destinations

  • 2020 - tba

Schoolies Victoria Destinations

  • 2020 - tba



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