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Last year, on the first night of Schoolies, around 20,000 people congregated in Cavill Mall and on the beach.

Around Australia, the Gold Coast was the most popular destination, however more people overall celebrated schoolies somewhere other than the Gold Coast.

Comments and reviews from former Gold Coast Schoolies:

Cassandra - former Gold Coast Schoolies

"Gold Coast Schoolies was absolutely awesome. It was packed, it was fun and it was safe. The crowds started on the Saturday and me and my group met so many people.

Everyone was good natured, if a little intoxicated. I saw two fights in the whole week (which were broken up within 10 - 15 seconds of them starting) and we were in the throng of the crowd the whole time.

The music is the latest and there was something for everyone. Three stages, R & B, Pop (stuff on the radio) and one with things like techno and metal. They had giveaways, free games, free buses, free food and free water. And that's just during the night!

During the day there was so much to do and see. You could travel to Cavil Ave and spend the day shopping, on the beach (we spent alot of the day in the spa in the hotel!), sleeping off the night before.

Tips I picked up for future schoolies: Try to stay with your group (I know that sounds dull but to have a good time just stick with your mates!), keep ID on you at all times and at least 40 cents for a phone call... you never know when your going to lose your mobile in the sand!

Make sure everything you carry is in a zipped or velcroed pocket (I can't tell you how many times I lost most of my change!). Take enough money to eat and drink out for everynight... you just might be feeling too lazy to walk back to your room and grab something to eat.

Don't wear heels... you'll end up carrying them all night! Oh and never take people you don't know back to your room... they could cost you your bond! (trust me I know!!)." - Cassanda Gold Coast Schoolies

Kate - Gold Coast Schoolies

"Hey everyone! I was a schoolie and stayed in Surfers Paradise just up from Cavil Ave.

Let met tell you I had the best time of my life.... The atmosphere is awesome, you get to meet thousands of people (well, not that many but hey, seriously it seems that many!) and in just one week, you are able to run the biggest muck of your young life!!

My tip for Schoolies: If your going to ride a moped, make sure you know that the brake is on the left and the accelerator is on the right, not the other way around." - Kate Gold Coast Schoolies.

Michael - Schoolies Gold Coast

"Schoolies at the Gold Coast is the best time of your life, well if you don't come into any trouble! The whole time I was there I never saw any fights everyone was there just having a great time!

The beach, the night life and well of course the girls made the whole trip worth while. I don't believe anyone who finishes school should miss out on such a great time.

There are so many things for you to do and experience. Don't be stupid and miss this once on a lifetime opportunity I swear you will not regret it." - Michael Schoolies Gold Coast

Jeremy - Schoolies Gold Coast

"I went to Gold Coast Schoolies stayed at Centrepoint at a friends apartment.

It was one of the best holidays of my life and the first time I've ever been to the Gold Coast and actually only seen daylight at like 6am in the morning.

I'm writing in basically to tell people that Gold Coast Schoolies isn't as dangerous as everybody tells you before you go, I was there for party week and I didnt see any fights or any major dramas, besides the
occasional passed out person surrounded by cops.

All the people up there basically just want to have a good time and even just at the hotels before going out clubbing you meet lots of great people.

At my hotel our entire floor was schoolies and at nites all the doors were just left open with people migrating from room to room.

As for the specific location of the Gold Coast, I just missed out on what I was told were some mad beach parties which was disappointing but still the close proximity of the clubs from each other, my hotel, fast food places and alcohol shops made the holiday great.

Basically I stuck to three streets and I found all I needed on the Gold Coast to have a good time which was amazing considering the Gold Coast would probably be considered one of the biggest Schoolies locations.

Anyway I'd definitely recommend to everyone go to Schoolies in Surfers Paradise, but a word to the wise, get a hotel with air conditioning even if it means walking a bit further, because the humidity alone in Surfers Paradise makes you sweat before you even leave your hotel room." Jeremy, Schoolies Gold Coast.

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