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Byron Bay is the fastest growing schoolies destination in the country:

About Schoolies at Byron Bay

By Ellen (former Schoolie & Byron Bay local)

Byron Bay is a good place to go to party and relax. It is an awesome place to go with a heap of friends and enjoy yourself without the enormity of the crowd at the Gold Coast. A lot of people often go to Byron Bay Schoolies one week and the Gold Coast the next (if they can afford it!)

Byron Bay Nightspots (some nightspots have closed or changed names since this was written)

Cheeky Monkeys (Nightclub)

  • Most Schoolies party here - it is the most popular spot
  • A place where they actually have good music, which you dance to on top of tables
  • Can get very sweaty as it is packed with people
  • Theme nights are held; Wet T-shirt comps every sun night
  • It is definitely the place to meet other schoolies, or cute backpackers / tourists
  • Cost - Cover charge to get in, drinks are pretty cheap
  • You can have (cheap) dinners there before it all kicks off at around 10:30pm

Cocomangas (Nightclub)

  • Trendier place , good music
  • Tip - Try the "Jam Jars"
  • Cost - Cover charge to get in
  • Opens around 9:30pm

The Hotel Great Northern (Pub)

  • Good place for a beer, Pokies/Pool tables as well
  • They often have often have live music in the Backroom eg: 1200 Techniques, Little Birdy, Mgf, 28 Days
  • Often have dancing in the Backroom as well
  • Doesn't cost to get into the bar but to get into the Backroom it usually does
  • Bottle shop located behind

'The Rails' The Railways Friendly Bar

  • Live entertainment 7 nights
  • John Butler Trio and Whitlams have played there
  • Good food

Lalaland (Nightclub/bar)

  • Comfy couches-house music
  • Trendy sort of bar

The Beach Hotel (Pub)

  • Pretty awesome place to go to
  • Has live music/dancing (not every night though)
  • Great view, good of a daytime as well
  • Also one of the most popular Schoolies spots
  • FREE to get in to
  • Gets crowded (but not in a bad way)
  • Bottle shop located underneath

C-moog (Nightclub)

  • Pretty tiny-get all your friends to come with you, its good when heaps of people go.
  • Also a cocktail bar located inside
  • Often have guest DJ's and events eg; Boogie Pimps did a set here and Channel V's Room 208 sometimes gets filmed here
  • Cost - cover charge

Other Spots in Byron Bay

Byron's beaches are truly awesome! They are definitely the Schoolies hangout of a daytime and often the site of impromptu beach parties of a night. They are good surfing beaches as well, just remember the rules of surf etiquette. If you are looking for some activities of a daytime; Try a surfing class, or Dolphin Kayaking or snorkelling at Julian Rocks. If you want to go sightseeing-got to the Lighthouse, it is a pretty breathtaking view. Please don't trash the beach because it really sucks going to the beach and wading through glass bottles and used condoms.

Of a daytime there is cinemas and stuff like that, and going shopping as well. But of a day the best thing to do when you have a hangover is pass out on the beach/or in the hotel pool/spa. Byron has loads of clothes shops and lots of cafes. The Juice bar has really good juice, Earth'n'Sea has really good pizza, In the Pink has really good ice-cream and Bay Kebabs has truly awesome kebabs!. Please note-Byron has only one fast food chain-Subway. There is no McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc. There is a really cheap bakery in the middle of town, its open 24 hours, so at 3am in the morning it is overflowing with people. Stick with buying your groceries at Woolworth's. It is definitely the cheapest place for groceries and is packed with other Schoolies.

Good Places to Stay

Generally the 5 star hotels near Byron Bay's CBD are pretty expensive, although the extra money is worth it. Although do read the fine print; if they say no glass bottles in the room they mean it. The lower star hotels are generally good places to stay. The best option is to stay in self-contained apartments rather than hotel rooms. Suffolk Park located just out of town is a good place to stay, renting a beach house is good idea. Although Suffolk beach can get pretty dangerous-big surf sometimes.


A car is not really necessary if you're planning on staying in Byron(close to town.) There are frequent buses running most of the time. There are also buses going to the Gold Coast a lot of the time- it is less than an hour's drive away. A car does come in handy though…If you get bored you can always go to the Gold Coast. If you are staying out of town- you will need to get a taxi home after clubbing. At 3am a lot of people have the same idea so getting a taxi home can sometimes take up to an hour.

Here is some other tips/info…

  • You will get fines from the police if you are caught underage drinking/consuming alcohol in a public place/drunk and disorderly conduct etc….Don't get caught out. It really sucks having to pay these fines.
  • Friday, Saturday nights are generally the biggest nights. There are a lot of people on the streets and the Top Park.
  • Do take care. Don't leave your friends alone. Call the police/an ambulance if something goes wrong. You may have heard it all before but trust me, it matters.
  • Carry spare cash with you at all times. A little extra can mean another drink, the taxi ride home, bakery goods at 3am when you are starving…….you know what I mean.
  • Just have fun, enjoy yourself!

By Ellen (former Schoolie + Byron Bay local).

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