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Bali Schoolies Week 2024

We do not recomend Schoolies travel to Bali for celebrations due to the very high levels of corruption, the highly predatory behavior by some businesses, locals, and other international tourists.

If you are considering going to Bali for Schoolies Week, before your group books rooms in Bali Hotels, or if you are looking for Bali accommodation for Schoolies, please check the following:

Government Travel Warnings: It's important, before you travel anywhere overseas that you check the local temperature on government travel warnings for places like Bali and ... well anywhere OS you are considering.

Travel Insurance: This is even more important when you book overseas travel. Getting your gear lost is one thing, but the difference for example of if you have a scooter accident on the Gold Coast and a scooter accident in Bali is access to emergency and ongoing health care. Check your travel insurance, check your health care insurance to ensure you have A+ support if anything goes wrong.

Bali Hotels: Booking accommodation at Bali hotels is pretty easy online or via a travel agent. You may want to check out what's available in terms of online reservations first, pick a Bali Hotel... then if you don't want to do the online thing, go to your travel agent.

Why was Bali popular for Schoolies? It is less expensive and the level of policing is very low.

These days, it's not so much a question of if you are going to celebrate Schoolies... but where! Graduates are looking well beyond Surfers to holiday destinations where they can celebrate with their friends.

Friends are always the key factor when you are planing your trip... the more friends you bring to Bali the better, in terms of discounts think group bookings! No, serious, forget the discount, celebrating with your friends at least a few is important during Schoolies regardless of the destination.

To improve the information available on this page, we welcome photos and stories from people who have been to Bali for end of school year celebrations. Contact us via email.

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