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When choosing your hotel or resort accommodation for Schoolies, you may want to consider the following:

1. What other Schoolies have said about that option for Schoolies Accommodation.

2. You can book Schoolies Accommodation 100 different ways:

  • With the hotel directly over the phone
  • Through one of many websites or booking agents
  • With a variety of travel agents

3. The dead set honest we aren't selling anything kinda truth about which week to book Schoolies accommodation in is listed here 'Actual Dates of Schoolies Week.' Ignore any information from booking agents.

4. There are many cool destinations for Schoolies around Australia - the Whitsundays books out pretty fast. Byron Bay and Victor Harbor are pretty huge also.

5. The best way to be treated like royalty at schoolies accommodation resorts and be left alone to have a good time is - be decent with the people who work at the resort / hotel and stay on their good side.

6. If it is in the house rules - they will enforce it. If you want to lose your bond or get kicked out that's up to you but here it is - if you throw something over the verandah you are a loser. Chucking stuff over the edge of a high rise building (even a piece of ice) can kill or seriously hurt someone on the ground.

7. The Schoolies Week Survival Guide was written by former Schoolies and details heaps of other stuff to help you maximize the fun and avoid the pitfalls that can be a part of Schoolies.

8. All content in the Schoolies Accommodation Guide and the National Schoolies Site is from former Schoolies, so after Schoolies Week please email us or post in the forums any tips you have for Schoolies: survival info, photos, cool places to go of stuff to do at Schoolies and so on.

Stuff about Schoolies Accommodation by the QLD government:

Schoolies Accommodation - Fair Rules

  • Rules should not impose any obligations on people staying at the resort apartments during Schoolies Week than would be imposed on residents at other times of year.
  • Evictions of tenants should only take place in extreme circumstances. Warning processes should be implemented.
  • The apartment has an accessible complaint handling and dispute resolution process available for tenants.

Schoolies Accommodation - Dodgy Rules

  • Rules which prohibit all glass from being brought in (if you need to stop tenants from bringing specific types of glass in all year round, be very specific)
  • Rules that allow random inspections without consent of tenants
  • Blanket statements that a breach of any rule (irrespective of how minor or trivial) will result in eviction
  • Rules that purportedly enable an apartment manager to evict all tenants staying in an apartment for the conduct of one tenant
  • Rules that impose greater restrictions during Schoolies Week on the numbers of guests and times within which guests are able to visit apartments
  • Rules that seek to make tenants liable for damage to common areas, irrespective of who caused the damage or in circumstances where the damage was a result of fair wear and tear
  • Rules seeking to impose a charge or fee on tenants if guests are in apartments after the stipulated 'no guests' period
  • No visitors allowed in public areas e.g. pool, garden
  • Rules that state that where any person under the age of 18 is found to be under the influence of alcohol, they will be evicted and/or their parents and/or the police will be notified
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